Salon Debate Topics 2023

Week starting Sunday, September 17, 2023

Debate Topic 

Be it resolved that computer scientists, engineers, architects, analysts should be licensed by a professional body or able to self-organize into a guild or union so that they have legal and ethical independence from their employers.

Reading (You could google these questions.) 

What is the purpose of professional licensing? What are the benefits?
What is the purpose of a union What are the benefits?

Vocabulary (You could look up these terms in a dictionary or tools like FLAX or Sketch Engine.)

Accreditation, an accredited member, guild, unions, a unionized workplace, Hippocratic Oath, certification, a certified member, professional licensing, a licensed professional, corporate social responsibility, compliance

Discussion Questions (These are questions you can ask me or other guests in the Salon.)

  1. Should IT professionals be licensed? 
  2. Are IT professionals free to speak up about concerns? 
  3. Have you ever been in a union? Would you want to be?
  4. Should IT professionals self-organize to choose their own PD topics (like doctors, lawyers, teachers) to learn skills and knowledge they might not get from their employers?
  5. Would it benefit Canadian society and our economy for IT professionals to take a Hippocratic Oath?