Real Reviews from Real Students

I offered sessions to adult learners from all over the world from 2012 to August 2019 using a platform marketplace. I left in 2019 as the platform was making drastic changes to their business model. I didn’t want to accept their new terms and conditions and so I deleted my profile and personal data from their website.

Here is what my complete seven year, 9581 sessions with 784 inspiring adult learners looked like:

And here are some of favorite student comments from 2012 to 2019:

“I have been taking English classes for two years with more than 20 different teachers but it’s with MT my English has improved significantly. I am preparing for the IELTS test and after 11 months of taking classes with her (listening, speaking, writing), I have improved a lot. She is also the best teacher for using technology effectively and fast. Thank you, Monday Tuesday.”
by Homood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 439 sessions

“Titanic work on homework exercises and 145 spectacular lessons has been done since November 2017. Sessions were funny as well as serious, conversational as well as academic. Rich results have already been done. I developed fluency and my vocabulary has been increasing fast since our first meeting. It is not enough to say that I appreciate your support. My feelings about our sessions and achievements are much more complex.”
by Alex in St Petersburg, Russia 482 sessions

“Lessons remain at a very high level. Nothing more to add about her than what I’ve said in the past. She is extremely dedicated and brilliant not only as a teacher but as a person, which is what makes the difference and the only one to be taken into account when it comes to decide who you want to spend a few hours of your life to learn from and talk with.”
by Alex in Paris, France 213 sessions

“With the techniques Jennifer taught me and resources she provided, I am definitely getting a higher grade with my IELTS writing. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your knowledge with me. You’re the best.”
by Ahmet in Toronto, Canada 5 lessons

“I was preparing for IELTS with a few tutors for a long time, however, I didn’t know what to change about my writing to above 6.5. Jennifer provides meaningful feedback and precise advice on what exactly could be done better. Also, she has various methods of studying for different people. I felt that I’ve improved my skills significantly and become aware of some reasonable aspects that I hadn’t considered.
by Vladimir, Minsk, Belarus 20 sessions

“I always like to talk to Jen. She is not only a professional teacher but also a friend with rich knowledge. I love your teaching style, and you help me progress well. Thanks a lot!
by Selina in Vancouver 37 sessions

“Today I had a wonderful lesson. Jen explained to me a few advanced subjects of grammar, which I had been trying to understand for a long time. I never thought it could be clearly explained and easily understandable. Jen is a fantastic teacher.”
Greg in Tel Aviv, Israel 207 sessions

“Jen is a friendly highly qualified teacher who I would always recommend to anybody who is willing to brush up their English skills. I’ve done about 35 exam preparation lessons with Jennifer in the last 3 months and have always had insightful talks with her in those lessons. Not only has she helped me prepare for my CAE and IELTS exam but she also took my English to the next level in less than 3 months through our intensive Skype sessions.”
H. in Melbourne, Australia (originally Indonesia) 40 sessions

“Thank you, thank you! During the time spent with you, the level of my English has improved by several times!”
by Vladimir in St Petersburg, Russia 308 sessions

“Thank you very much. You helped me a lot.”
by Joe, San Antonio, Texas (originally Korea) 282 sessions

“Today, Jen helped me in my presentation rehearsal and also gave me the courage I needed. I doubted I could find a teacher like her.”
by Red in Montreal, Canada 2018 59 sessions (total)

“An incredibly experienced teacher from Canada. IELTS Examiner. She does everything clearly and according to a plan. It makes sense to deal with her with a sufficient level of language. It is important to get acquainted with her requirements and rules in the profile before start of class. In the process, she digs deeply. With her, I really started writing at Band 8 and 8.5. It doesn’t matter if the first lesson seems a bit unusual. It was with her that I experienced a lot of insights about my language, and its problematic elements. A very valuable experience for me.”
by Max in St Petersburg, Russia

“A useful session. A lot of new words and lexical constructions and all wrapped in an actual theme for conversation.”
by Pavel in Novosibirsk, Russia

“Practiced behavioral interview questions and how to use the STAR in answering them. Learned a lot from this and past sessions. Thank you so much, Jennifer.”
by J in Fort McMurray, Alberta (originally New Brunswick)

“I have had many teachers but Jen is a unique teacher. She is helping me prepare for IELTS and I need a high score. From the beginning, I knew she would leave a lasting effect on me because of the knowledge she imparts and the self-confidence she inspires. Many thanks, Jen.”
by (Dr.) G in Chile

“With the techniques Jennifer taught me and resources she provided, I am definitely getting higher grades in IELTS. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your knowledge with me. You’re the best.”
by Mr. K. in Toronto, Canada

“I have never been pushed to the limits as I was in this class. Excellent teaching. Thank you Jennifer”
by Leonardo in Sao Paulo, Brazil 23 sessions

“The most professional teacher I’ve ever had. Looking forward to the next lesson. Thank you so much!”by Yael in Melbourne, Australia 8 sessions

“Good to know FUTURE PERFECT…never being aware of this tense. And hipster thing :)! Thank you”
by Jim in Taipei, Taiwan 28 lessons

“Thank you, Jen! After a two year pause, this was another nice and productive lesson. Frankly speaking, my brain and tongue weren’t warmed up and at the beginning of the lesson I was a bit nervous but after the two minute speech, I woke up. It was perfect as always. If I had met you earlier, I would have passed IELTS”
by Dima in Moscow, Russia 78 sessions

“I was preparing for IELTS with a few tutors for a long time. However, I didn’t know what to do to change my writing above 6.5. Jennifer provides her students with a lot of meaningful feedback and precise advice on what exactly could be done better. She various methods for different people. I felt that I’ve improved my skills significantly and become aware of aspects I hadn’t considered. Finally, she cares about your result.”
Mr. B. in Minsk, Belarus

“After 40 very intensive lessons with Jen, I have to say, we made such a big step forward that I can’t believe it at all!!! Jen is an extremely experienced tutor and she always manages to optimize every session to be really custom-made for your current knowledge. Guys, please accept the truth that English learning and any other language learning is coming from your motivation and the fact that you really want to learn it. To achieve that, you have to INVEST YOUR OWN TIME between the sessions and DO YOUR HOMEWORK, at first hand. Real tip based on my experience: surround yourself with interesting English texts and speeches you enjoy and understand and Jen will massively enhance your skills to a super-star level.”
by Štepán in Prague, Czech Republic 40 sessions

“Really, she is excellent in all sides of education; well-prepared, supportive and knowledgeable. She can easily pick up the mistakes that handcuff your speech and harness your abilities regardless of your speech level to achieve better and higher scores.”
by Ahmed in Qatar (originally Egypt)

“Jen is really good. She is really focused and knows how to extract the best of her students. I highly recommend her.”
by Mr. de S. from Brazil

“Another great class with Jen! If you’re looking for a teacher who help you improve your writing and speaking for the IELTS exam, Jen is your gal. I’ve had many English teachers over the years, and I can say for sure that Jen was the best of them. Not just due to the extensive knowledge of the language that she possesses, but because she is so supportive and empathetic. Thanks again, Jen!”
by Felipe in Brazil 54 sessions

“We just spoke about new innovative places in the world, and an excerpt from an article about Neurolink. Thanks a lot!”
by Roman in Omsk, Russia 48 sessions

“You’re the best teacher I ever had.”
by Roger in Winnipeg, Canada (originally Taiwan) 42 sessions

“Today we had a wonderful two hour lesson. She corrected my letter and my essay, explaining how to improve my writing sentence by sentence precisely. She understood what I want to write and changed it to a superior essay. I learnt how to replace simple words to phrases, which could make half or one band difference.
We hadn’t finished going through the last paragraph, so she used her own time to correct it and sent me a screencast to explain all the changes she thought I could make. Additionally, she recommended some useful vocabulary books for me. I really appreciate it. It is the most helpful IELTS lesson I ever had.”
by Wen from China

“What did I achieve with this teacher’s help during this time? I was able to pass the interview in English. I found a remote job. There are two points in my life, but very important points. Thank you Jennifer for your way of teaching.”
by Roman in Minsk, Belarus 93 sessions

“English language students need to be corrected on the spot with a professional teacher who can instantly correct and teach at the same time. I strongly recommend Jennifer either for general English or test takers. Just try and you will see your level going up after a few lessons. Thanks a lot, Jennifer.”
by K from Egypt working in Saudi Arabia

And some post-2019 comments:

“Hello Jennifer, I have gotten the offer from Google! I want to say thank you for improving my meeting skills, it really helped a lot!”
by Chin-ping from Taipei, Taiwan 2021 5 sessions