Discussion Questions #5 NEIGHBOURHOOD  

Keywords / Subtopics: transportation (roads, highways), facilities, amenities, leisure, public transit (LTR, buses, subways, streetcars), housing, quality of life, standard of living

  1. Where is the most popular district for restaurants in the city where you live? Are there neighborhoods that tend to have a lot of residents who speak the same language or who are the same ethnicity? Is there a Little Italy or Korea Town?
  2. Do you know how old the buildings are in your neighbourhood?
  3. What industries are there now? Has that changed over the last couple of decades?
  4. Are you on the water? Are you greenspace? Are there enough trees? Are there any pests like raccoons or cicadas or bears?
  5. How is public transit in your town?  Is it affordable?  How easy is it to get around?
  6. What is the busiest or main intersection near you?
  7. Do you have a park or playground nearby?  A university? 
  8. Is it important for you to be within walking or driving range of a museum? A fitness centre?  A Smart Centre? A gas station?
  9. Are there are co-ops in your town?  For example, a co-operative natural food store? A housing co-operative?
  10. What highways run through your town, or nearby? What highways do you travel on? Are there toll highways where you live?
  11. How is the housing market?  Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? Is there enough housing for all price ranges and lifestyles?
  12. If you could add or change something in your town, what would it be?
  13. Trace a path from your front door to the entrance of a place you often go to that is within walking distance of your home. 
  14. Would you rather live in the suburbs or downtown? What types of homes are there where you live? Skyscraper condos, townhouses, freehold houses, multi-plex?

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