Discussion Questions #4 CARS

Keywords / Subtopics: shopping for and choosing a car, getting insurance, learning to drive, the driving test, getting and renewing a license, types of rules, the rules of the road, going on a road trip, car safety, accidents, parts of the car, traffic jams, traffic rules, highways, directions, types of vehicles, vehicle features

  1. Do you have a car? What year is it? What’s the make and model?
  2. Do you have PL and PD or comprehensive insurance?
  3. How does your vehicle rate for safety?  For gas mileage?  For road handling?
  4. Does your car have any special features? (sunroof, heated seats, a rear-view camera, TV screens for the kids, ABS, tinted windows, bluetooth)
  5. What are some of the costs associated with buying and maintaining a vehicle?
  6. Have you ever been on a road trip?  What music or radio station did you listen to?
  7. Have you ever rear-ended someone?
  8. Have you ever been rear-ended by someone?
  9. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?  Parking ticket? 
  10. Have you ever been pulled over?
  11. Can you back into a parking spot?  Are you good at parallel parking?
  12. When did you get your driver’s license? How old were you when you got your driver’s license?
  13. Tell me about your driving test. Did you take a driver education course?  Did you get a discount on insurance because you passed a driver’s ed. course?
  14. What’s the busiest road near your house?  Do you live near a major intersection?  Are there pedestrian walkways in your neighbourhood?
  15. Tell me how to get from your house to the nearest supermarket.
  16. What’s the speed limit on the roads in your neighbourhood?  What is the speed limit on major arterial roads in your city?
  17. Are there toll highways in your city?
  18. Do you follow all ‘the rules of the road’?
  19. What rule do a lot of drivers in your city not follow?
  20. What types of vehicles have you had?  What would you like to drive in the future?
  21. Can you do any vehicle maintenance stuff yourself?  (change the oil, rotate the tires, change a flat tire, change the air filter)
  22. Who is the worst backseat driver you’ve ever travelled with?
  23. Do you commute to work?  What are the busiest commuter routes in your city?  How long is your commute?  Do you change your route based on the weather or if you’re in a hurry or not?
  24. Do you pull over when you pass a police car or emergency vehicle on the side of the road?

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